Zila Cinis is the character of Olivia, one of the early members of the server since TC4. She is a frequent attendee of RP events and has helped shape the community of Achaea. She is the founder of Regia alongside Sentinel, which was built out of the ruins of the former Crimson Legion.

She is an Everendian, however her character has been retconned to be a native Achaean.

Zila has a backstory that has yet to be visited.

Overview: Edit

Zila Cinis is a young woman, thought to be a native Achaean with southwestern heritage based on her pale skin and slender frame. Her defining physical feature is her curved black horns, which originate from childhood trauma. Zila Cinis was a victim of demonic possession, and an unethical exorcism has left her which demonic features.

Zila is one of the Legendary Neo-Heroes, and one of the four major political leaders alongside Cyrus, Slicksand, and her fiance Sentinel. She spearheaded the foundation of Regia, following the collapse of the Crimson Legion which she played a crucial part in designing. Regia is still under construction, as she is the only dedicated builder.

Zila has strong ties with the sister goddesses, moreso Alearia than Lilith. She is known for her short temper and go-get-em attitude, most notably when confronted by story antagonists. She does not wield a legendary sword, unlike the other notable heroes. However, she is equipped with a variety of "blessed equipment" as compensation for frequent divine intervention interrupting her plans and projects.

The Heaven's Dilemma Edit

As this is a character page, all information on this story arc is not shown, for more information on The Heaven's Dilemma, go here.

Alearia Edit

Zila was present at the showdown with the corrupted goddess, despite being absent for a majority of the set up. She inflicted heavy damage, and tried reasoning with the goddess many times. When the Alearia was returned to the realm without the influence of her curse, Zila tried her best to console and rehabilitate the broken goddess.

Lilith Edit

Zila is one of the sole reasons Lilith was released from her confines, as she freed the goddess using an illegally gotten Soul Tesseract. She has strong ties to the goddess due to her botched exorcism, and frequently defends her from repeated criticism. She was not present during the showdown with the corrupt Lilith.

Wilhelm Edit

Zila was one of the heroes present during the confrontation of Wilhelm, but was not involved in any other happenings with the archaic tinkerer. She did significant damage to the tank, before it's inevitable destruction.