Tschallacka is the original founder of the server, as well as the developer of Magic Cookies and the soon-to-be-released Roleplay mod. He is the overarching "creator" of the community, however his involvement in it's affairs has diminished with time. Tschallacka does regularly check in with the community, and provides new content in both of his mods.

Overview Edit

Tschallacka is the Arch-God of Everend, with an unknown history. He is the oldest living entity in recorded history, due to Lucius' age being unknown. He is a higher ranking god than Redsgreens and Slicksand, as he was the original deity to give them god-hood. He first gave Cyrus god powers, before Cyrus developed his own strengths during his time in Achaea.

Tschallacka has been seemingly absent from Achaean affairs from quite some time, but his name is still well known and revered in modern culture. Although his strength is rivaled by Cyrus, both Tschallacka and the new Arch-god appear on good terms and frequently make plans together.

Pre-Achaea Edit

Tschallacka was the single most powerful entity in Everend, as he was the reigning Arch-god. He appointed Cyrus and Redsgreens to serve as his subservient lesser-gods and peacekeeping force. He held most claim over many of Everend's wonders and facilities, and was considered a generous god. However, his name instilled fear into his subjects due to his swift and fierce punishments to criminals and wrongdoers.

Tschallacka was also the primary driving force behind the evacuation of Everend during the shift period, and was the second largest contributor when settling in Achaea.