Lucas is an NPC character, and has no impact on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Lucas Church, better known as "The Balkite Paladin," was an antagonist encountered alongside Nathan during the Balkite plague. He was seen before Nathan, and remained a mystery until the conclusion.

Lucas was originally head of the Nevershire guards, which can be accredited to the misplaced letter from Lucas to Anselm. He was the leader in the defense against Belial, as well as being responsible for the overall wellness of Nevershire's citizens.

During the outbreak of Balkite soon after Belial's attack, Lucas was one of the first people infected. Using his power, he put Nevershire into lock-down. However, most of the arch-mages escaped regardless, leaving only the townspeople within the keep's forsaken walls. He instructed all citizens to stay at home, claiming that the crystal plague was being researched. The people of Nevershire were proven to be useless to Belial, and Lucas had instructed the systematic slaughter of any surviving and unaffected citizens. What happened between then and the meeting with the Heroes remains unknown.

The Heaven's Dilemma Edit

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Balkite: Edit

When Balkite was first discovered to be growing in most major settlements, its appearance was accompanied by a strange man who called himself "The Balkite Paladin." This figure--later revealed to be Lucas--monitored behavior in those who were injured by the parasitic crystals. He encouraged many to draw blood using the crystal, claiming it had supernatural and euphoric properties. Several incidents proved the opposite, citing that Balkite infection is one of the most painful experiences a human can endure.

Soon after Nathan contacted the Heroes, Lucas was shown to be loyal to him. He served as his underling, and as a middle-man between the fallen hero and the Everendians.

When the time came that the Heroes intruded upon the front gate of Nevershire, Lucas served his former purpose. He was the guard at the gate, and listened to Nathan's orders as if they were law. When Nathan offered to duel the heroes, Lucas fought alongside him.

Lucas was slain by Universal.

Postmortem Impact Edit

Although Lucas' influence on the contemporary heroes was nothing in comparison to Nathan or Wilhelm, he played a crucial part in the expansion of Belial's influence on Achaea. If it were not for his initial infection, Nevershire may not have fallen, and Nathan may have not gotten infected. Lucas was a catalyst for a demonic apocalypse, but the scheme was thwarted before it could come to fruition.