Isabel Anaheim is an NPC character, and has no impact on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Isabel Anaheim is one of the Five Legendary Heroes of Achaea, best known for her loyalty to the Effloraean Empire, as well as her exceptional combat skills and sturdiness on the battlefield. She is an honored member of the old Heroes Guild, and is held in high regard due to her demon-slaying away team. Although she vowed herself to no god, she treated Lilith with great respect and sincerity, due to her significant other--Nathan Winsmoore--being a devout follower of hers. Although there are no legal records of a marriage between Anaheim and Winsmoore, old world stories and folk tales portray the heroes as romantic partners.

Not much information has been found about Isabel, but it is evident that she was present--and subsequently killed--during the conflict with Alearia that resulted in the deaths of many of her associates.

She bears the title of Royal Guard amongst the Effloraean empire, and served as one of the 12 sworn protectors of Her Enduring Majesty, Emilia.

More information regarding the Five Legendary Heroes and Isabel's past has yet to be uncovered.