Image of the Cool Cat Cafe

Capital Rylinth is the central hub of Achaea, and the primary city of the Emerald Federation. It is located in the Rylinthian Peaks mountain range south of the spawn biome, and is subject to seasonal change. Seasonal festivals are celebrated here due to the changes in climate, and Rylinth is regarded as the social center of the world.

The Capital city is constantly growing and updating, featuring a plethora of structures and utilities. The region's topography, lake bed, and many rivers make the city a sight to behold.

The city itself is divided into various districts:

Central Rylinth Edit

The primary section of Rylinth, designated by its vibrant green buildings and abundance of living quarters, as well as The Cool Cat Cafe and other utilities such as:

  1. The Castle
  2. The Shrine
  3. Chikin
  4. The Plaza
  5. Museum

Windswept District Edit

The second district built, and the smallest, Windswept is very simple and agricultural, resting on the hill in the southeast corridor. It contains only two points of interest.

  1. The Nether Portal
  2. Alearia & Lucila's Vineyard

The Rusalkan District Edit

A district annexed by Caine Ruthledge, designated by its gray-blue color scheme. It resides on the highest inhabited peak in the city, and offers only one point of interest.

  1. The Drunken Rooster

Ridgelight District Edit

The former quarry of the city, Ridgelight currently serves as a mix between "park" and residential zone, as well as the occasional mining operation. It contains three points of interest.

  1. Lucila Co. Mining Depository
  2. The Lumber Yard
  3. The Quarry

The Commerce District Edit

The second largest district, under construction in the foothills of the mountain range. The district is classified by its warm color scheme, and distinct canal system. It is home to many shops and other points of interest.

  1. The Clocktower
  2. Central Transit Station
  3. The C&C Potion Emporium
  4. The Artifact Exchange
  5. Dragon Tales Book Store
  6. The Statue Garden

Rylinth has been sieged by Alearia several times during her brief reign of terror before and after her release. It has also been attacked by Wilhelm & "Ava" using a large tank that was built in secrecy.