Caine Ruthledge is one of the oldest and most active players within the community, and joined the server in 2015. He is a direct contributor to roleplay events, assisting Ironcat & Co build locations and orchestrate events. He has been given operator privileges, but is not considered a god in canon.

Caine Ruthledge is a native Achaean, despite his player--4Z21--being present in Everend.

Overview Edit

Caine Ruthledge is one of the Legendary Neo-Heroes, being one of the most memorable of the group. He is the sole champion of Cyrus, and holds great power compared to his brethren. He is a native Achaean, although specific details about his past are unknown. He is knowledgeable in blood magic and demonic materials, and has a background of crime and incessant violence.

He is a member of the Rylinthian elite, and was the first person--other than Cyrus--to be present at the founding of the empire. Along with Cyrus, he is responsible for the fall of First Rylinth.

Involvement in Crises Edit

Caine has not been present for a majority of the crises that affect Achaea, however he still provides significant support and plays a large role in solving mysteries and conflict.

Caine was only present for the fight with Alearia, however he had no knowledge of the occurrences beforehand. He has been absent for all other major showdowns, but he is repeatedly present at intermediary events such as initial meetings and other instances.