Belial is an NPC character, and has no impact on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview: Edit

Belial is one of the seven Arch-Demons of Achaea. He rules the Seventh Hell, and is the manifestation of Pride and Arrogance

Belial is the strongest of the Achaean demons, as he is a parasitic entity capable of infecting both common life and his fellow demon-kin. Belial's primary form is Balkite, an extremely sharp infectious crystal that grows from infected entities and terrain. Although Balkite crystals resemble that of quartz, the real structure of the shards are actually extremely tiny fibres that melt through armor and pierce skin with ease. Once Balkite enters the bloodstream of any organism, their fate is sealed to become a puppet to Belial.

Belial's most recognizable form is that of Janus, the Gatekeeper. Janus is a man-made colossal stone warden designed to fend off demon invasions in the Overworld. However, the steward failed miserably as Belial promptly infected his foe. Janus--and therefore, Belial--are currently imprisoned at the ruins of Nevershire, due to Belial falling for a human trap by grasping a cerecite sword designed to restrain him.

Belial is a feared but respected demon in the hierarchy, and appears to have gained admiration from Kira, and subsequently a supreme hatred from his subordinate, Nelente.

Nevershire & The Crystal Plague Edit

Belial is the primary antagonist of the Nathan Winsmoore mini-arc, as it was revealed that the once-legendary hero had fallen victim to Belial's parasitic, hive-mind abilities. Balkite became a problem once large quantities began to develop in major settlements, which prompted the Heroes to investigate the ruins of Nevershire. Belial was eventually defeated, but he managed to infect several Heroes before the quarantine. The rampant, decade-spanning infection of Nathan resulted in his body dissolving into ash following his death. However, Belial himself still lives through the surviving Balkite growths in Janus.

The Demon Hierarchy Edit

The pride demon sits atop the throne of the Demon hierarchy, however his incapacitated state makes him incapable of maintaining control. This has generated a conflict within the demon world, causing great upset within Kula-Kira, and poses a looming threat of an assault from Nelente. It's speculated that if Nelente were to learn of Belial's ensnarement, Belial would be killed and the demon world would fall asunder, posing a significant threat to both the other demons and the overworld.

Kula-Kira has attempted to break the cerecite sword trapping Belial, however she was stopped by Erina and Coolcat before she herself sustained serious injury. Belial himself reprimanded Kira, stating that she is pathetic and should not bother in trying.

As of now, the issue still remains unresolved.