Aurelia is an NPC character, and has no impact on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Aurelia is a wildcard character who has only been encountered through books, and references. She is one of the Five Legendary Heroes of Achaea, regarded as one of the most influential human beings of all time. Aurelia is considered the very first Sorceress, as she was the first person to discover spells, and to effectively channel them. She is responsible for the creation and study of many spell tomes, and had a magic college built in her name.

Aurelia hails from the nation of Effloraea, although she spent most of her time abroad. Her name can be traced to a plethora of places including historical sites, ruins of the old society, and many historical texts. A statue of her currently resides in Capital Rylinth, where she proudly stands guarding the canals.

Aurelia's known death was recorded in the books of Larrien's Retreat, where it speaks of her love for the Halfbreed Dragon priest, who she chose to live with in her old age. She is speculated to have died few years following the death of Larrien himself. She taught the priest a variety of healing spells, and the two sorcerers helped make the world a better place in their dwindling years left in the realm.

It's been uncovered that Aurelia had a son with Larrien sometime in her middle years, a halfling named Lyran. According to Aurelia's journal, Lyran was given to the arch-goddess Elaina for safe keeping due to the tumultuous environment of the years before the Calamity. Supposedly, Lyran was sent to another world to live a safer life.

Aurelia has ties to Nathan, although their involvement within each other's affairs is unclear.

More information regarding the Five Legendary Heroes and Aurelia's past has yet to be uncovered.

Written History Edit

Aurelia has left remnants in a majority of the discovered ruins, including but not limited to:

She is also mentioned in various texts from various authors. Aurelia is expected to be mentioned more in future, and still holds great impact on the world affairs even in death.