ArdentSpark is one of the older members of the server, known for his down to earth personality and rational behavior. He strives to be an active and engaging member of the community, and has earned a mutual respect from most players.

Overview Edit

ArdentSpark is an able-bodied adventurer with an uncertain past. He has no known history, but seemingly plentiful wisdom. He has been an active guiding force within the world of Achaea, and seems to do most of his interaction from the background. However, he will occasionally jump into the lime-light and remedy a situation by himself.

Most notably, Ardent was present during the Heaven's Dilemma showdown, where he landed the fatal blow on Bal Guran before quickly snatching the greatsword Oblivion.

He was originally a member of the piracy, but soon joined Rylinth following it's dissolution.

Involvement in Crises Edit